Great Oceans leads the nation in importing fresh, wild, line-caught tuna and swordfish. Air shipments are received daily, direct from the Caribbean, South America, Central America, Africa, Asia, and the islands of the Indian and Pacific Oceans. We distribute to the premier wholesalers, processors, supermarkets, restaurant chains and food services companies across the country from our warehouses in New York, Miami, Maryland and Los Angeles.

We are the first receiver, and one of the largest resources for U.S. tuna and swordfish buyers, especially those who service the Japanese sashimi trade, top white tablecloth restaurants, and quality-conscious retailers.

We don’t just buy boatloads: we buy the production of entire fleets. Our supply partners are the largest and best long-line fleet owners in the world. Our successful model for importing high-end perishables on a worldwide scale has been built-on and perfected over thirty-five years. We use our experience in marketing, purchasing, grading, packaging, and tracking to maximize the value of each catch.



Tuna and swordfish, fresh, direct from the boat: we do it better than anyone else. 

To catch and bring tuna and swordfish to the U.S. market demands our complete focus, tireless 24/7 dedication and an obsession for quality.

Tuna and swordfish have been our life's work for over thirty-five years. Although there have been many changes since the U.S. fell in love with sushi in the late 1970’s, we have kept to our tradition of importing only the finest and freshest tuna and swordfish: no nets, no farms, no freezers, no CO, no smoke. Today, we still sell only wild,      long-line and hand-line caught tuna and swordfish fresh from the ocean.


Great Oceans’ major market share of the U.S. tuna and swordfish positions us as a leading price setter for this volatile catch. Great Oceans communicates each morning with market-making wholesalers across the country to assess U.S. fair value wholesale prices for the various grades of fresh tuna and swordfish. We work hard every day to make sure the fleet owners receive the best return for their catch and our customers receive the best market price.

In addition, our highly skilled analysts and forecasters assess all the forces that influence supply and demand for tuna and swordfish in our market.  This includes weather, lunar cycles, currents, hurricanes, tsunamis, political and economic events. We provide comprehensive trend information critical to both our suppliers and customers for successfully planning their production and purchasing.



Great Oceans is dedicated to the wild catch of tuna and swordfish. Our Tuna and Swordfish are caught by fishermen, not farmers. Natural, wild caught products are more challenging than farm raised products for retailers to put in ads and for restaurant chains to put on menus. The open ocean is not as predictable as a pond.

Great Oceans' experienced forecasting of tuna and swordfish futures, and extensive worldwide sourcing, enables us to consistently supply program supermarket and foodservice processors with guaranteed shipments of tuna and swordfish.  For supermarkets and restaurant chains looking to plan a sword and tuna ad, please see our moon calendar for the best availability.

We are committed to long-term custom purchasing programs with our loyal customers both large and small. Most of our customers buy from us almost every day. Our professional grading team individually selects each unique fish for just the right customer.

The secret to our sourcing: we buy more, pay higher and pay faster than anyone else. We buy only the best fish, from the best suppliers and sell only the best customers.


Our obsession with quality is not just with our fresh fish; It’s in everything we do. It’s an attitude. A mind-set. A philosophy. A way of life. It’s the great care we take in buying, packing and shipping only the best fish. It’s how we watch over our products along every step of the supply chain, from the bait to the plate. Quality is how we serve our suppliers, our customers and our employees.

Everyone at Great Oceans is part of our quality team. It’s in our attention to every detail. It’s how we send a packing list or an invoice; how we arrange for a truck or a plane; how we make a sale or pay a shipper. It’s when suppliers and customers have complete confidence in our service. We do our best and always look to do even better. We try to make a difficult business easier; maybe even fun. For our suppliers and customers, working with Great Oceans should be the best part of every day.



Great Oceans is dedicated to the global sustainability of tuna and swordfish fisheries as well as other species. We buy only fresh, wild, long line, hand line and pole caught tuna and swordfish. We do not sell net-caught, ocean-ranched or farm-raised tuna and swordfish.  We purchase only yellowfin and bigeye tuna. We work only with producers who share our love for these species and harvest in a sustainable manner.  We sell only 100% natural products: no preservatives, CO gas or smoke. To sustain all wild fisheries, Great Oceans supports the international management of tuna and swordfish stocks around the world.  For retailers and restaurant chains, Great Oceans works with Trace Register, and can provide MSC certified products.


We specialize in the impossible. Boats, planes, trucks, we do what ever has to be done to bring our wild-caught products to our customers quick, cold and fresh. This is a can-do, can’t-wait, do-it-right business. The sun is always rising on another boat coming to dock around the world. We’re always there, ready to catch one rush-to-market wave after another: everything flawlessly timed, every problem anticipated by experience, in a seamless, quality-controlled, global supply chain.

The Great Ocean’s team of logistics professionals is inspired by our mission, driven to deliver perfect product day after day.